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Imagine if I had been so short-sighted as to choose book sales over building relationships with those people! Before you worry about how to write a nonfiction book that will fund your retirement, sit down and create a long-range vision for how you'll deepen relationships with your readers. Think through your win scenarios.

What can you do to make this worth your while? How is it going to work for you and your business, in a way that isn't just about selling the individual book? Be creative when thinking of ways to take the relationship forward. Some writers, including fiction writers, for instance, give away the first book of a series. Others offer their readers in-person experiences or ancillary products to their books, and these offerings end up bringing in more significant revenues than book sales alone could ever deliver.

So if you're dreaming of making a living from writing books, realize that you absolutely can do it. Why not blog a book? And if you have a blog with tons of content, repurpose it into a book—book that blog!

Purchase a digital or paperback copy today! Inside readers will find:. This book should give birth to a lot of new books, and if you read it, one of those books could be YOURS! Now Nina has put together a road map for getting a book out of your blog posts. Check out How to Blog a Book.

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It covers all the stops along the way to your destination as a published author. The resources, statistics, ideas and possibilities shared provide convincing evidence of the importance to get the book and follow her advice step by step. Blogging a book offers a unique way not only to attract readers but to catch the eyes of acquisition editors—just what every aspiring author wants and needs to sell books. She shows you how to finish your manuscript at the same time you build a platform.

Every writer will benefit from reading this slender, savvy volume.

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Parker , best-selling nonfiction author and coach who blogs at, www. Nina tells us how to bridge that gap in How to Blog a Book. In short, Nina takes blogging to the next level. Nina Amir will guide you through every step with practical advice based on real-world experience.

How to Copyright a Book Quickly Step-by-Step [With Examples]

I also believe that writing a book is one of the achievements you will be most proud of. Combining the two can therefore be a brilliant way to get the project moving. At the very least you should use a premium grammar and spell checker. Grammarly is the most popular solution for many writers. But it is more suited to article and blog writing.

Prowritingaid is a much better choice for authors because of the deep analysis it offers to improve a long manuscript. It is also very reasonably priced. It has over twenty-five analytical reports. These can help you dig down deep into your writing to find more ways to improve your manuscript. Your book cover design must be both high-resolution and of a very high commercial standard. It is rare that an author has these skills. So a cover is almost always the first item in the expense column. Many authors can write well, but very, very few can design a great book cover.

Remember that nothing sells your book better than a fabulous cover, especially for fiction books. Designing and formatting a book can be done in Microsoft Word, but it is not ideal.

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If you want your book to shine, you might think about a book designer or an ebook formatter to help you. You will have to promote your book aggressively.

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Do you have a popular blog? Do you add new blog posts regularly? Do you have large established social media accounts? Do you have a Facebook Page with a lot of Likes? Even if you have some of these, you should budget for some marketing and promotion. It will help boost your pre-launch and post-launch sales. Do you understand basic file management? Do you have the necessary skills to copy and convert files, upload and download files? Can you add URL links and create pdf files for sample chapters? Do you know about metadata, keywords and search terms?

The more you can do on the techie side of things will save you money. But you might have friends and family that can help you. The price estimates below are a guide only. You will certainly find professional services that are cheaper or more expensive. The cost of editing depends on the word count of your manuscript. There are also different types of editing services.

Do you want development editing, which will assess your story? Or do you want copy editing? This will concentrate on accuracy and clarity in your manuscript. Pre-made covers are already designed and prepared by a book cover designer and are for sale online. After you make your choice, the designer will add your title and author name. Pre-made covers are normally only suitable for ebooks.

How to Become an Amazon Best Seller

But some designers will modify a cover for print on demand for a fee. You can discuss your precise needs with a designer and they will design your cover to your exact requirements. There are many sites that offer free ebook covers. But note that these can only produce a low-resolution cover. None of them can produce a cover that is suitable for a print book.

Writing a Book? Here's How Authors Make Money | DIYMarketers

These book cover creation services use free stock images. So the drawback is that you will never be able to produce a unique design. The best use for free book cover design sites is to work on ideas or mockups for your book cover. Services can vary a lot. Look at the types of services that are on offer and the standard of the finished product.

It depends on your current author platform and social media footprint.