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Verified Purchase. I loved this book.

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  • While it has a nursing home theme, it is really a story about relationships. Lily's with her daughter, Sylvia.

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    Her caretaker, Jessica. The new friends at the nursing home who impact her life. It's not easy to admit you are no longer capable of caring for yourself.

    Fun House Chronicles - AbeBooks - Linda B. Myers:

    To give up that independence we all crave, from the cradle to last breath. A wonderful read that kept me turning the pages. And wanting another book from this very talented author. I have a feeling this is just the beginning for both the characters and the author.

    E92 – Hot Wheels

    I waffled between 4 and 5 stars. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and while really depressing at times, the situations were most often turned around by hope. I've seen enough of aging reality to know none of us will escape it. This book does a great job of representing different phases of mental and physical aging as well as the good, bad and mediocre in the caregiving industry.

    It's reality and I think we should start training for this phase early in life by trying to make the best of, and appreciating what we have.

    This book is surely a good primer for that eventuality. Not terribly well written, but still a good read.

    Welcome to Henle House

    Some pathos, sadness, gross stuff I liked it well enough to get her second novel, Bear With Me, which has the same fun characters in it. If we're lucky, it happens to us. I never said it was good luck, mind This book intrigued me. The main protagonist is about to go to the "Fun House". And, as an independent old cuss, she's not happy about it.

    Coffee House Chronicles: The Movie ()

    The interactions and web of relationships with the other characters show a deeply and sometimes painfully honest understanding of the fears, doubts, guilts and delusions most of us operate under each day. Once or twice there's a feeling of the story being forced but this is rare, for the most part the story flows exceptionally well and draws along at a good pace.

    Each chapter of the story has it's own vignette that appears to be based on the author's own experiences or research. One or two of these would have made great stories in and of themselves, they certainly left me wanting more.

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